August 14, 2019 all-day
Vermilion County EMA
201 N. Vermilion
Russell Rudd
(217) 443-6012

This two-day course provides a basic overview of the HSEEP exercise process. The goal of the course is to provide professionals with a set of guiding principles for exercise programs, as well as a common approach to exercise program management, design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. Through the use of HSEEP guidance and processes, exercise program managers can develop, execute, and evaluate exercises that address the priorities established by their organization’s leaders.

Class size is limited to 24 students. You must attend at least 90% of the course and pass a post-test to receive credit for this course, per FEMA guidelines.

Prerequisites:  FEMA Independent Study IS 120.a or IS 120.c- An Introduction to Exercises must be completed prior to attending the course. Please send a copy of the certificate to the IEMA Region 7 trainer at Richard.williams@illinois.gov . If you do not have the certificate on file, you will not be allowed to attend class.

It is also recommended that you complete IS 130 – Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning.

All students will also be required to obtain a FEMA SID number and bring that number to class with you. If you do not have a SID number, you may register for one at the following link:  https://cdp.dhs.gov/femasid/register